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Jan 19, 2014 11:00am PST
quote a scrape tool. and he began to scrape over i believe a two-month period as much as he could get ahold of. this isn't somebody who comes upon something and says, this isn't the right thing for the government to do. i want to go out and talk to people about it. he came there with the intent to take as much material down as he possibly could. >> do you agree with chairman rogers that he may have had help from the russians? >> he may well have. we don't know at this stage.
Jan 24, 2014 11:00pm PST
spoke with a youth outreach counselor at the middle school. >> i knew that nobody could get ahold of him, that he could go down the wrong street. >> reporter: walker, a family friend of them, said he was disruptive that day but eventually took in his advice to take life seriously and to finish school. >> he was really paying attention to what i was saying. like i told him, when i see kids laughing and doing that, they really are paying attention but they were kind of scared on the inside. >> reporter: what led him to allegedly shoot and kill his sister is unclear, walker says, but he says it has little to do with the spat over laundry and more so so a build-up of stress, including recently fathering a child. >> i think he just lost it. he's 14 years old and he probably had a temper and i think he just made a bad mistake. >> reporter: he also work here in oakland, and he says the tolliver family stopped by early in the day to start the funeral and he said the funeral was clearly broken up. >> you are losing two children, one to the grave and one to the jail. and he's hurting and i hurt
Jan 3, 2014 1:30pm PST
conditions. but i was able to get ahold of the original plans and they showed those like wedding cakes had had or that are different so i replaced those with the cubes and i was able to in that way like the court yard itself really complete the historical nature of the building and bring it into its contemporary use. as part of this visual vocabulary those fountains and benches you seeing see rising and twisting from the ground are digitally cast into concrete. the concrete is an 80 percent recycled material which is in con formulations with the plat form of qualifications of the architecture by hk s. the decomposed granite allows water to pass through. sculpture is meant to be skrurlt it is also accommodating the lives of people who are going to work in this facility and use it. i think this this sense it's what the art and architecture program intended for its platform for architecture. john dewey once said that long. >> art it the beauty parlor of civilization neither art of civilization are secure. it's a recognize that the federal government believed that art should and can enrich our
Al Jazeera America
Jan 8, 2014 7:30pm EST
ahold of credit cards, they are in college, there's a whole -- you know, who knows. but i just think it's something that is important for us to talk about before it just takes off and goes. >> i agree with the senator. this is an important discussion to be have. but i think it's important that the discussions be rooted in facts. and i know the senator and i have a disagreement on this, but this technology is really proven. there haven't been any reported instances of underage gambling. i see nor underage gamblers when i walk into a brick and mortar casino. it's much harder for someone to get online and gamble at this point than to go to a brick and mortar casino. >> i know you are saying that is the known, but we don't know the unknown. i think there is still a large unknown there, and i think law enforcemented tells us it is very difficult to be able to do that. >> on that note, we're out of time. thank you all for joining us. until next time, we'll see you online at"stream." >>> good evening, everyone, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york.
Al Jazeera America
Jan 10, 2014 7:30pm EST
have positioned themselves as something that they're not just in order to get ahold of the money, but they're not capable of taking care of problems that they say? >> disasters happen all over the world, and there are a lot of people who want to help. some organizations are capacity to deliver services and others don't have any capacity at all. in the notes on their websites, the stock photos they have, maybe they only have a few people on the ground when a disaster happens, and they might raise $10 million or more to respond. but they can't ramp up their services until they ramp up their capacity. meanwhile, there are other society organizationings in haiti that are not raiding much. and they're dependent on non-cost al organizations to give them money instead of allowing the organizations to help themselves and we're seeing a greater dependency on outside organizations. >> you mentioned this inability for most patients to just access a sustainable amount of food every day, and talk about that from your perspective on the ground. >> for me, i think people see haiti sometimes. i
Al Jazeera America
Jan 30, 2014 5:00pm EST
about anything nsa and his partners get ahold of, this is nothing like anything i was involved with, and even during the colder war, we always targeted foreigners for a purpose. those who we needed to monitor and were a threat to national security, or pose potential threats to national security. the idea that you will find threats by simply collecting everything, is one of the red herrings here, in fact, that turns every straw in the hair stack into a needle. >> but peter just made the point that he revealed far more than simply those things that have gotten him the most attention, and made him in the view of some civil libertarians in the united states a hero. >> that's true, by it shows how far we have gone. where is the justification in terms of spying over many many years on the personal cell phone of chancellor angel americale of germany. s she a terrorist threat? where do you draw the line? it's one reason i have said in the past that we are all foreigners now. it doesn't seem to be indy rim minute. it simply wants to collect everything, and that's what i was told when i began
Al Jazeera America
Jan 30, 2014 7:00pm EST
really lucky. that's the way you get ahold of it in the north. originally, there were just ten of us, and now that has grown now that google a has started to roll out more invites. >> and this is not just a google thing, you're trying to make toronto into a wearable tech community. how much do you have? >> i own about ten devices. smart watches, and activity trackers, and a smart sensor and this google glass. there's a lot more wearable tech out there. but 2014 is when we see a slew of devices come to the market. so this is definitely a year for wearable tech. >> for people watching, and they know what google glass is, but not how it affects your life and what you do with it. give me examples of how it affects you. >> there are things that i really love about going to the glass. you can take a picture, hands free, and i can still look at the subject matter, instead of whipping out my smart phone, i can take video, and i can take a call and a text. so there are a lot of things that your smart thing can do that have kind of now moved up here to the screen. but what i really love about
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
stories, arctic freeze taking ahold of most of the country right now. making it feel in some places like 50 to 60 below. folks are being encouraged to stay inside or go to a shelter if they need help. the senate is back to work, they confirmed janet yellen as the next head of the feds. the u.s. supreme court has put a temporary stop to same-sex marriages in utah, the nation's highest court says the marriages will come to a halt to give the state time to respond to a law that allows them. the iraqi military says it is ready to reclaim fallujah. and the pennsylvania woman know as jihad jane has been sentenced in ten years in prison. she was accused of being involved in a murder those are your headlines. i'm tony harris. "real money" is next on al jazeera america. ♪ >>> america's energy boom is is causing growth, but putting train on america's infrastructure. plus a doctor makes a case against extending unemployment benefits. and what the brave new retail world means for your bottom line. i'm ali velshi, this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part o
? that than on amazon you could put your e-mail and in so i got ahold of him and i said hey i want to know what the flaws are because i want to fix them for the next edition. i will pay you if you will do a copyedit of the book and in your opinion tell me what every flaw is. he sent me back 20 pages single-spaced. [laughter] they weren't almost aches. a lot of them were challenging my interpretation for had a different slant to different slant is to something but we developed a working relationship and eventually we ended up writing books together. so far we have written three books together. both volumes of the patriots history of the modern world and the patriots reader. before i get into "a patriot's history of the modern world, vol. ii" i should announce features his 30 of united states is in its ten-year anniversary this year. it's just amazing to me that was 10 years ago but this book came out and it was 15 years ago that i was working on it. nevertheless the publishers decided to release the special anniversary edition later this year probably in november so all winter i have been u
FOX News
Jan 12, 2014 7:00am PST
ahold of companies to bring in bottled waters and there's an investigative board all to oversee the clean up. this isn't just about using the water. you can't bathe in it, touch it, or boil all of the toxins out of it. there are over 175 chemicals in the elk river. that's making things very difficult to do, even simple chores. >> we can't cook. we can't bathe. we can't clean dishes. we can't mop the floors because you can't get your hands in there. it's terrible. we don't know how long it will be. it's really a difficult thing. >> that's been the difficult thing. they say it will be days before the tap water can be used let alone drink. >> you're right. there's been a 50-year war on poverty. this morning we'll have new reaction from the white house on the latest plan to try to help the poorest areas in the country. >>> and they continue to honor ariel sharon. we'll be live in jerusalem as the former leader lies in state. that's next. mine was earned orbiti the moon in 1971. afghastan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's ened, usaa auto insurance
Jan 24, 2014 11:00am PST
of a math equation. you can't let your emotions get ahold of you. >> i wish i had that zen in me. hundreds of people gathered at the oceaniana hotel and spa to watch this competition on big screen tvs. this is different from when they could watch the competition with binoculars from pillar point beach. after a wave injured people back in 2010, organizers thought it would be better to keep them closer to shore away from the waves. the competition will continue on throughout the afternoon. the $50,000 prize purse and final competition should be around 1:30. you can watch it online, or you can m coout here and fight for a parking spot, or watch it on tv around 1:30 this afternoon. live here in half-moon bay, today in the bay. >>> exciting and very cool for bob -- rob to be there in person. >> yes, the last check of the wave heights out there, 14 to 24 feet and some sets still coming in just above 30 feet. these are the steep front faces of the waves as they quickly build. they hit the ridges there, and you see the waves quickly fauva up out of the water. let's show you the swell conditions as
Jan 15, 2014 5:30pm PST
news tonight for many of the parents who have been horrified to discover that the kids got ahold of the iphone or ipad and made a bunch of app purchases without permission. the federal government has announced a settlement with apple that announced the agreement to customers, many of whom had no idea until the bill showed up, in some cases, thousands of dollars. we have put the information for this on our website tonight. >>> a sad milestone in afghanistan, after this nation fought its longest war there, after so many failed attempts to eradicate the poppy, opium production hit an all time high last year, up over 50% from the last year. the minister of counter narcotics admitted it is such a cash crop for farmers they need to have an alternative livelihood. >>> and many woken up near fontana by an earthquake, mostly it was broken glass and shelves, mostly, though, it reminded people in california that two days from now marks the 20-year anniversary of the north ridge quake that killed 57 people, injured over 5,000, and caused $20 billion worth of damage. >>> speaking of infrastru
Jan 31, 2014 3:00pm PST
a weave -- >> that is connected to her scalp. >> what happened to one officer when one reporter got ahold of the video. >>> it's a strange sight for some folks in pennsylvania. >> they woke up in the morning and they were, like, what the heck? >> see what it takes to make a snow roller. >>> the pilot carefully lands a chopper on snow. >> it's on what they call skids. >> why skids is a good word for this. >>> plus, ipad minis are great for a million things. now get the buzzword for your shot to win one. >>> and what could make a 6-year-old little brother -- >> react like this. >> what's wrong? >> now meet the big brother behind the great prank. >>> i have some video exclusively obtained by our friends at yxyz in detroit that shows an opener is cut on camera you could say. this video shows a woman shortly after she was brought into the warren police station in michigan. according to reports she was arrested for trashing a local motel room. watch what happens. something a little bizarre, something you don't see caught on camera inside a police station. >> it's, like, a haircut, impromptu hai
Jan 2, 2014 4:30am PST
want to get ahold of you where do they go >> we're on line at dot it's bay area at we try to be at as many events as possible one at 1:15 actually in san francisco >> how large is your group is it 20 volunteers. >> we have a core group of 6 to 8 people and have a rotating group of 20 so we try to have 4 people anytime we go to a club or 6 to 8 for a festive. >> hopefully someone out there will help your effort. >> any last comments if not - thank you so much for coming here and answering questions we have. i have to take some public comment. people have public opinions. any comments about dan's presentation. all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. that were thank you. again. just a few items on the agenda that are standard. number 7 is commissioners, comments or questions. i don't know. i see commissioner joseph and commissioner hyde >> first i'd like us to - we never acted on the approval of the sound for the permits. so we do not have a sound officer right now. how many permits are being held up for a lack of sound test >> i'd like to say th
Jan 23, 2014 5:00am PST
. it is not clear how he got ahold of the gun and who owns it. police are not saying if the parents were home. abc7 news will have a live report in the next half hour. >> breaking news, in arizona, go dozen people are in the hospital after a gray hour bus crashed west of phoenix. the bus was en route from los angeles to dallas and was scheduled to stop in phoenix. 41 passengers were on board and 23 people remain transported to area hospitals because of the injuries. authorities believe one passenger may have "freaked out" grabbed the steering wheel and punched the driver which led to the crash possibly. the bus crossed the median and stopped just before going into oncoming traffic. >> workers at san jose international airport will be trained to spot a crime that is easy to miss, human trafficking, biting and selling of women, boys and girls. our reporter is at the airport with more on that story. matt? >> the f.b.i. said that the bay area is a hub for child sex trafficking and that is why, today, at show show workers are being trained to spot the potential criminals and their victims. we want did s
Jan 4, 2014 12:00am PST
? >> we can't, the can's empty. hit hard. grab ahold of anything you can. >> what do i do? who do i do? >> grab ahold! >> rose: okay, so take a look at this. i want to show you this image. this is a picture of a light box which was one of the new pieces of thooj you use. what's the light box? >> the light box is a 9 x 9 cube in which all the inside walls are l.e.d. lights. >> rose: l.e.d. lights? >> l.e.d. lights. so there's i don't know how many million individual lights inside the thing. and then what happens is that you can see that image is inside the international space station and so if the character is inside the image will convey the point of view of the character. >> rose: oh, i see. >> and that image was going to leap the character. you know? it works as the reference, the point of view, and they would have a geographical idea but most important is the interaction of the light. because that light didn't have to match perfectly well with this c.g. environment that was going to be used. >> rose: this had to be in 3-d? >> well, it didn't have to be in 3-d because you could do th
Al Jazeera America
Jan 11, 2014 12:30pm EST
that these groups have positioned themselves assist something they're not just to get ahold of the money, they're not capable of taking care of the problems they say they can help with? >> that happens all over the world. there are a lot of well-intentioned people that want to help. some organizations have tremendous capacity to deliver services and others don't have any capacity at all. on the photos on their website, the stock photos they use are photos they have taken themselves, maybe they only have a few people on the ground when the disaster happens and they might raise 10 million or more to respond. they can't deliver services until they ramp up their capacity. there are all these organizations in the country already, a lot of them local, civil society organizations in haiti not raising hardly any. we all the 1% figure. they're dependent on international ngos, nongovernmental organizations to give them money. instead of allowing haitians to help themselves and build resilience for future disaster, we see a great dependency on outside organizations. >> he mentioned this inability for mos
FOX Business
Jan 23, 2014 9:00pm EST
they split up but he has multiple houses. john: you have a section about that. >> ahold in virginia outside washington d.c., to properties in california, a condo overlooking san francisco bay of the ocean period want to see toe. then that house is a tendency in the far in his mansion in dash fill a of the house but he keeps on tennessee he calls it biosolar1. >> he has a card aimed carboy. how appropriate is that. john: they are one into thousand dollars limit that is for the little people. john: now americans say they are concerned but do they understand what they're talking about? >> yes i do is given to believe in global warming? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >>. >> why? >> why? because. >> i asked the hardest question. civic humans. everything that we do. john:, you probably pick to the silliest examples. >> no. this is what we got. their belief of callable warming is wide but the understanding is very shallow. it is the cool thing to do. but they need to know why. people need to do critical thinking. , but there is no consensus on global warming. john: but of the 3,000 scientists at the inte
FOX Business
Jan 24, 2014 12:00am EST
. john: you have a section about that. >> ahold in virginia outside washington d.c., to properties in california, a condo overlooking san francisco bay of the ocean period want to see toe. then that house is a tendency in the far in his mansion in dash fill a of the house but he keeps on tennessee he calls it biosolar1. >> he has a card aimed carboy. how appropriate is that. john: they are one into thousand dollars limit that is for the little people. john: now americans say they are concerned but do they understand what they're talking about? >> yes i do is given to believe in global warming? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >>. >> why? >> why? because. >> i asked the hardest question. civic humans. everything that we do. john:, you probably pick to the silliest examples. >> no. this is what we got. their belief of callable warming is wide but the understanding is very shallow. it is the cool thing to do. but they need to know why. people need to do critical thinking. , but there is no consensus on global warming. john: but of the 3,000 scientists at the intergovernmental panel on climate
FOX Business
Jan 27, 2014 7:00pm EST
there is nothing for the middle-class to grab ahold of. lou: i have written a couple of books on the middle-class it drives the bad to watch the industry should republican or 10 rickrack give the results that you talk about. the president discovered opportunity his favorite expression is in, the quality for redistribution now he has learned something about opportunity. >> when barack obama says it can inequality you should hear tax hike. but he is talking about is not really a job -- jobs strategy but a political strategy. obamacare has our the country so the owner of the right to you have to counteract that with anchor on the left so astutely those juices he believes is the way to do that so to have a call for a minimum-wage. >> but then tried to get out the democratic vote. lou: why is this president even fussing about the battle waged? he asked for $9 he had five years to move he would create bigger fracturing hubs in he did not know that we are to take him seriously ? >> lecter up the way politics works with you are in the second chart you have more flexibility. first uc states implemen
Jan 6, 2014 5:00am PST
ahold of sweden took the runners up spot in the first lady's welsh cup slalom race held in bold me ever since the two thousand and eight twelve cup finals wearing the number thirteen she surprised if ill person line in second place full of the boarding ramp and then held tight to the podium placing but they still makes the cut. rounding off the podium in third place was french slalom specialist most of the umno and twenty five year old from the summer break it that he has second grade podium which he propelled himself to places up the leaderboard offered counseling second drama cheer for now leads the discipline standings by sixteen points at the twenty twelve slalom world cup campaign on the shield of austria for celebrations from lightning. not a full box of fork out secured his fourth victory of the platform will cup season on sunday when he won the match stop the generous soul of the hole the defending overall world cup champion from front to the study one topic as he competes in the fifteen kilometer race in thirty seven minutes and thirty nine point four seconds. makes a bold cup
Jan 28, 2014 8:30am PST
to remember having four consecutive numbers for pd did it a very popular. it's also hard to get ahold of. delete and repeating numbers and the kentucky of numbers in every ten thousand phone numbers to leave tracks and that of looking members of the committee which reviewed the most sought after for good number for repeat l numbers can be sold for twenty thousand un. around three thousand two hundred us dollars. but they have four consecutive security and upright can you break the thirty two thousand us dollars. the hype right now in the knowledge in the mood to kill stranded keeper of it it's priced at one point eight million us where around three hundred thousand dollars in china's northeastern province of liaoning. actually the more scarce numbers hadn't been made . their prices are seen to be even higher. china daily reported. a number were ten of the single digits spread over one million dollars. many nephews are made. the phone number can be sold for as much of the house some other lucky numbers for all to be heavily pursued her and the number nine. i can get and it came from a mov
Jan 22, 2014 7:00pm PST
advertisers from getting ahold of students' digital information. the nonprofit says there are companies who would love to track that data for marketing purposes. currently the group says there are no real policies in place concerning student privacy. >>> today alone, five new flu-related deaths are being reported here in the bay area, and that brings the total this year in the nine counties to 27. our john is live in contra costa county where three of thooez those new fatalities were reported. john, tell us what health officials have to say there tonight. >> gasia, there are more than two months left in this flu season so health officials are saying there's still plenty of time to benefit from the flu shot. >> in this cvs parking lot, news of three more flu deaths in contra costa county caught people off guard. >> oh my god. >> i didn't know that. >> serious. >> health o initials say victims were a man in his 30s with underlying health issues, a man in his 50, and a woman in her 60s. that means this flu sun this county has had five people all under the age of 65 die of the flu, and 28 peopl
Jan 6, 2014 11:00pm PST
of a respecting effect here. java juice says it's having trouble getting ahold of fresh oranges. this java juice in freemont was totally out over the weekend. they posted the sign you're looking at apologizing to customers. is that a supply issue, they can't get it here because of the cold or the crops are damaged. i just looked into central florida 15 degrees away from the water in central florida. that's a problem for citrus growers. amazing how cold it is. >> affecting everything. >>> looks a lot like vegas, only on five the new push to shut these new bay area cafes down for good. catch. >> they spark a techie turf war of sorts. now these private shuttle buses will have to pay, but there is a catch. .. right after this. >> it's scary video, the radiation readings are off the charts. we find out what's really going on along the bay area coast right after this. ,, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well, did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75?
Jan 7, 2014 4:30am PST
're seeing a ripple effect here. jamba juice is already having trouble getting ahold of fresh oranges. the store in fremont totally out over the weekend. they posted this sign apologizing to the customers. getting a little crazy out there. >> no kidding. >> what are we going to do without juice? >> i know. >> oh my gosh. >> my goodness. hey guys we've got some changes coming our way today and got a lot of clouds moving across the skies this morning. and well even a couple of rain drops in the forecast. maybe not today. maybe in the north bay you can see the south side right now the clouds kind of streaming across the skies early on today. we're going to see more of that on and off throughout the day. and into the afternoon. so we'll keep some clouds outside and the temperatures will be cooler today with the on shore breeze. 50s and low 60s towards the coast and 60s inside the bay and in the interior valleys. i think the next couple of days we're going to see more of the same. lot of clouds streaming across the skies early on and fairly mild temperatures. right now 34 degrees in santa
Jan 10, 2014 5:30pm PST
the democratic mayor there. late today, we got ahold of thousands of pages of government and private e-mails in the case and elaine quijano has been looking through them. elaine, what do these e-mails show? >> reporter: scott, these e- mails show what happened in the days leading up to, during and after the now-infamous lane closures last september. they show port authority officials collected traffic day data during the closures. what's not clear is whether it was part of an actual study. the communications also show attempts to contain the fallout which included numerous inquiries from reporters. those attempts to manage that fallout were made not just by christie allies at the port authority but also the governor's spokesman. now, his response to one of the inquiries clearly showed disdain. at one point he referred to a reporter as an expletive mutt. his public response to the reporter, however, tried to distance the governor from the closures. >> pelley: what is the next development we're likely to see? >> scott, we spoke with a democratic new jersey assembly man, he's heading up t
Jan 31, 2014 2:00am PST
ahold of the parent. >> give them a grace period. come on. let them have some lunch. >>> it's super bowl friday, right? we're going to name it that. richard, you have a serious story for us. >> the top story we led with this hour, that is of course the issue of human trafficking. great to see that bust that happened. they worked so hard at it. nbc news investigation has a new piece out this morning and they are talking about, you know, does the number increase during these bins big events? in some cases they do not. in some cases they do. but we have to look at the increase in population during the super bowl. it goes up by 400,000. that's how many people come here. >> really? >> are more sex slaves brought into this area? they give out bars of soap. there's a toll-free number for people to call, 888-373-7888. that is the national human trafficking hotline should you see something suspect. >>> we are going to lighten things up. bill, it's friday, right? >> you can bet on anything at the super bowl. let me ask you how you would bet on these. bruno mars doing the halftime show. will he wea
Jan 16, 2014 6:30pm PST
and other retailers, it described the malware hackers used to get ahold of customer data. according to security intelligence firm eyesight which helped to document, the code enabling the breach was written in russian. but that does not mean it necessarily originated there or was deployed by russian nationals. the report also said it was a fairly widespread targeting of retailers that use those point of sale systems. but as of now, we don't know whether other retailers were similarly breached. >>> a court ruling today could mean another big financial blow for the bankrupt city of detroit. a federal judge rejected a deal to get the city out of a financially disastrous agreement thought made with two banks back in 2009 in order to pay some pension debts. but paying $165 million to end so-called interest rate swap agreements with ubs and bank of america's merrill lynch unit was determined to be too high a price for the bankrupt city. >>> just two weeks to go before ben bernanke's second term as chairman of the federal reserve ends, and in his final scheduled public appearance as head of
Jan 22, 2014 5:00pm PST
, regardless of party or persuasion, 90% of adults are concerned about noneducational interests getting ahold of that information want laws to forbid it. there's companies that want to track that data. >> it not so you can sell them clothing or fast food coupons or body weight loss issues. >> i tonight want my kids information out there being sold to market to my kids to make money. i tonight want that. some of the information is so sensitive, it should be strictly controlled. so that parents don't get concerned their kid's health records or their medical disciplinary problems are exposed to the public. >> it should be illegal selling it to a company so they can profit off it. >> that's why the center is meeting with the u.s. secretary of education next week and state and federal legislatures in the coming months to get laws on the books sooner than later. >>> more details a look at the bay area schools that have embraced tablets. seniors in lafayette have access to you pads. and in the south bay school officials in allen rock union are using ipads. >> cars slammed into barriers at 40 miles a
Jan 30, 2014 9:00am PST
and a fractured arm. inside the vehicle after they got ahold of these guys they found 80 bottles set up to be molotov cocktails and other things too. >> they put so many in danger speeding down the road throwing out molotov cocktails. that's not pro test, that could be murder. >>> you are citying the aftermath of a mud slide in italy, as you see there that's a very big rock. it slid down a mountain due to mud slides and look at this. look at the pathway it cuts. what they did they sent a quad copter up in the air to give everybody a look-see. here's where the rock slide started. you can see it going all the way down this mountain and it slid into that farmhouse, hundreds of years old. it took out a 300-year-old bash, but as you could see, it stopped just short of the house. there's the barn. >> oh, my gosh. stop, like, six feet away from the building. >> the one outside the building is 5,600 cubic feet. but just think about it, the house not bothered, but the barn -- >> but the real question here is how do you get these things out of there now? you can't bring some sort of construction
Jan 6, 2014 5:00am PST
ahold of the airlines because it is so busy. airlines are recommending to see flight status before coming to the airport so again to recab, it is -- recap, just two flights canceled in oakland and so far nothing has been canceled and in san francisco, this is where we are seeing the bulk of the problems and of course back east, jfk, la guardia, ktvu channel 2 morning news and it left fso bound for new york and they are inside of a secure waiting area and that's where american airlines flight was diverted to after somebody found what looked like a flash drive taped to the one of one of the bathrooms. we now hear it is actually a small camera disguised to look like a flash drive and the case is still being investigated. >>> police in petaluma are searching for the person who stabbed a man in denny's parking lot and it happened at denny's petaluma north. he was stabbed after a man came to a parked car and starting yelling at him. he drove himself to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >>> an 84-year-old activist was fatally hit pie a car in chinatown. he is renewing the safety co
Jan 22, 2014 7:00pm EST
and the engineers got ahold of it ask turned it into what you're seeing right here. it's impressive. i hope it's being done justice. seeing it in person is unbelievable. it's 1500 pounds right now. 1500 pounds. it's massive. they started putting this thing together around 11:30 today. worked around the clock. as you can see right here. just busting their butts. they worked, they shaved. they used chain saws. they fused the slabs together. this was an operation. >> we started on this a little before 12:00 and finished a little before 5:00. >> how did it arrive? >> it arrived in 300 pound kegs. we have a special machine that slices these slabs perfectly. i would say hundreds of ice bars, but i've never made an ice desk. >> how long can we expect this thing to be out here? >> this is super cold and as long as this stays cold, this will be here indefinitely. >> like we said, final product is about 1500 pounds. you can imagine with the cold temperatures that it's going to take a few days for this thing to melt. so, have fun out here for the next few nights. >> it's funny. one of our managers was li
Jan 25, 2014 11:00pm EST
after his family heard about the shooting, they tried to get ahold of him when and when they couldn't, they drove to the mall. >> that's strange that it hits home here. very nice, very cool family. they only moved in a couple years ago. very nice family and that's shocking. that's very sad, i had no idea. >> the outpouring of support on social media regarding these two victims has really been overwelming and really heartbreaking to read through and see it all. i spoke with a couple friends of two of the victims and they are sending up a facebook memorial page where they plan to set up a vigil and a benefit to help support the families. live at columbia mall, i'm nikki, wusa9. >> okay, nikki, thanks. we want to give you a better idea where this morning's shooting took place. the store is zumiez is located on the second floor of columbia mall in the c wing just outside the sears store and overlooks the food court. victims were found inside the store and the gunman as we reported was found just outside that store. right now, columbia mall is one huge crime scene. all night long, nobody
Jan 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
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Jan 20, 2014 10:00am EST
to grab ahold of the desk and pull it closer to me and then was able to grab them one by one, and we were able to get them over. and then there was one more lady, and we got her over too. >> in two hours, night had fallen. you were in the total darkness in the freezing cold with the seawater all around you for four hours, five hours? >> about six hours. >> wondering when the rescuers would come. >> yeah. >> and then the aftershocks would come, and everyone would just huddle down together, like, afraid again. >> [speaking japanese] >> [man speaking japanese] >> in a wrecked house nearby, we found a child rescued from the gym. six-year-old sena suzuki in her grandmother's arms. >> came all the way up to here? >> she told us, "the water came up to my neck, up to my face." >> how did you get away? >> [speaking japanese] >> "a teacher grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up out of the water." we don't know if it was david chumreonlert who grabbed her. there's a lot that's unknown. how many survivors would you estimate were up there on the balcony? >> i'm hoping at least over 100. i hope. i hope
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm PST
. you will never stop them from getting ahold of this or alcohol. but you can't have a seiner system whereby this is demystified and destigmatized. i don't know whether you have a problem with pleasure but i sure don't. >> but if more people have access to marijuana, more adults have legal access to it, doesn't that mean it will filter down to kids more readily? it's going to be somebody who, you know, buys -- >> i think one thing that will turn kids off pot is seeing their kids buy it. part of the appeal is it's subtrainian qualities. if it becomes like alcohol. which i agree can be abused. you can have legal regimes in which you protect children. keeping pot away from children is important. >> answer the tobacco thing for me. we had to sue tobacco. they had a global settlement in order to get them to retract their advertising targeting kids. the liquor industry targets kids. you can argue with that. but i watch it on cable tv. >> you are concerned targeting communities that can least afford to have -- >> i'm talking about a for-profit business, andrew, where -- anderson, they will
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